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Sillukarupatti / சில்லு கருப்பட்டி

Sillukarupatti is a sweet made from palm kernel. Sillukarupatti helps to keep the body active and polished. Regulates blood flow during puberty in women. Their pelvic bones strengthen the womb. It is good for pubescent women to make Uluthamali with black gram and gram flour.

Nutritional Benefits:
Sillukarupatti boosts immunity. Rich in vitamin-B and amino acids, blackcurrant controls diabetes. For women who have reached puberty, if they make uradalli with black pepper and urad, the uterus will be healthy. It is also high in fiber.

Uncontrolled diabetes can also cause some other effects on the body. Sillukarupatti helps to avoid such damage in time. Potassium is essential to protect the heart and is present in blackcurrant called blackcurrant. These help to clean the blood and keep the blood pressure under control.

According to the principle of “food is medicine”, Sillukarupatti provides what the body needs at the time it needs as per the weather. Brings body movement to balance.

Net Weight:200 Grams
Price: Rs.60